" Holistic & data-driven education for the next generation of leaders " ~ LDMF

The Matrix-Q Akademia matches 97% of the Holistic Education Standards by the United Nations

We utilize a multidisciplinary and holistic data-driven and gamified education methodology: learn-play, impact-play and earn-play

We provide:

  • Certificates and licenses to start a new career (36 fields of training)
  • 101 Holistic Business Model workshops for intentional self-employed and startups
  • Tools and workshops for personal growth and vocational self-orientation
  • Volunteer, travel projects, and online causes. Impact opportunities. With a mentor to help you explore and discover your skills, assets, and competences
  • Personal growth and leadership boot camps: to unleash your potential 
  • e-learning content, smart applications, hybrid games
  • Gamified challenges, with a mentor: The Matrix-Q Challenge

Please contact us, and schedule a coaching session, to match you with an ideal learning program or event 

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