How to apply?

1. Send your CV by e-mail   and fill out the application form

2. Attend the webinar: Matrix-Q Jobs, which provides general information about our ecosystem, projects, recruiting programs, and most trendy job opportunities

3. At the webinar you will receive more instructions (form to fill out, e-test, and interview) to complete the assessment of competencies and skills, and the data-driven matching process. 

A report will be given to the candidates indicating potential matching to available job opportunities


Matrix-Q Human capital utilizes a data-driven methodology to match candidates with potential job opportunities

To earn more points you can do as follows:

4. You are welcome to start a conversation via WhatsApp to +31626673380

5. For career advice, matching your skills with a current job, or spontaneous applications, please schedule a free coaching session.

6. Would you like to demonstrate your capacity, engagement, and skills? Earn points for the Matching process, subscribe to the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Challenge

7. Contact us to match you with any of the Matrix-Q Games we play at our ecosystem or Play Now

8. Enrol at the Matrix-Q Akademia (certificates included)

9. Attend Matrix-Q Ecosystem Events Monthly or the Matrix-Q One Network (Certificates Included)

Matrix-Q Human Capital

Opportunities for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Speaker, Facilitator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, Founder Matrix-Q Ecosystem


ACCESS: Eligible candidates will receive an invitation and free access to the following content:


Video recordings of live webinars, PDFs for download and access codes to tools and application forms

  • About the Business in Transition (Sustainable Development Practices)

  • Introduction to the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Culture

  • Purpose, Innovation & Impact Driven Entrepreneurship

  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken's story, as entrepreneur, innovator and leader

  • The Matrix-Q Research Institute Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

  • The Matrix-Q Challenge for entrepreneurs and Leaders

  • Matrix-Q Quantum Vision - Futurist Prediction Tools

  • Matrix-Q 9 Capitals, or the 9 principles for holistic capitalism

  • Opportunities at the Matrix-Q Human Capital Platform

  • The Matrix-Q Human Capital Valuation & DNA Report for employers

  • The Matrix-Q Akademia: Certificates, Licenses, e-Learning, Webinars

  • Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching: Career advice

  • The Matrix-Q Games Platform for human capital: earning points and certificates by playing, adding value to your human capital reports

  • Opportunities for leaders: contributing to companies in their transition to sustainable business practices. Expat agreements, entry points, recruiting program, the application process, equity and compensation agreements

  • The companies (employers) that are looking for c-level leaders (Your future employer, owners of the companies, co-founders, or management board members)

  • Holistic Business Blue Print, Algorithms, Tools and resources for Matrix-Q Leaders & Entrepreneurs

  • Q&A