" Play Matrix-Q Hybrid Games to learn, earn and create a positive impact while having fun by playing.

As in every other game you make points, get a rank (level), and earn prizes and rewards.

Play Matrix-Q Hybrid Games, and we will also match your skills and capacity to a job or entrepreneurial opportunity you want. " ~ LDMF

" In real life, we learn by playing, by taking challenges, by simulating events, by facing reality. At the Matrix-Q Hybrid Games, you learn by being yourself, following your purpose, flowing with your bliss, realizing your vision, and unleashing your potential " ~ LDMF


Qualify for a job opportunity by playing!

  1. Choose the Matrix-Q Hybrid Game you prefer: online, animated, outdoors, simulation, cards, board, e-game, or a real game: a project in which your achievements generate points, and rewards.
  2. Play the game, make points, learn new skills, and demonstrate your capacity to solve challenges.    We create a report of your competencies, which you can attach to your CV
  3. At the Matrix-Q Games, we utilize a data-driven holistic learning and gamified methodology, to measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize your performance. We generate a code that describes your status: The Matrix-Q DNA Code. With that code we learn important things about you:
    1. Which job is the ideal match for you now
    2. Which job could be an ideal match for you in the future
    3. Which knowledge, skills, tools, methods, and experiences do you need to match you with the dream (next) job you want?
  4. Would you like to become an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or self-employed? We also match you with the entrepreneurial path you prefer
  5. Would you like to become a service, purpose, and innovation-driven leader? We also match you with the leadership development program you need


Select a Matrix-Q Game in the field of action that interests you the most, and inform us (by e-mail or via WhatsApp +31626673380 you would like us to generate the Matrix-Q Code for you. 

Once you have started, every activity, course, training, event, advice, and play session, will add points to your profile, and help you map your strengths, potential, blindspots, opportunities, and weak spots, with a precision you have never seen before. 

A Matrix-Q Specialist will mentor you, coach you, and advice you on the next steps

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Please contact us, and schedule a coaching session, to match you with an ideal gamified recruiting program or event Or start a conversation now via WhatsApp at +31626673380


You Learn by playing

You create a positive impact

YOU PLAY, and we MATCH your PROFILE with a job or entrepreneurial opportunity

There are 12+ levels of playing, 9+ Rank Levels, 729 Rings of Capacity, and 27.000,00 EUR in rewards and prizes

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