Adventure Women


To join special-tasks-force for entrepreneurial adventures and to start up online companies in/from the Netherlands

  • You are an adventurous woman, with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • You want to own your own company, be financially independent and create your own assets
  • You would like to join, lead or contribute to online startups from the Netherlands
  • You would like to develop further your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, capacity


  • To utilize Matrix-Q Holistic thinking, tools, knowledge, and skills for entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment, aiming for positive scalable outcomes.
  • To join the Matrix-Q Special Task Forces, solve unpredictable, complex, and challenging global, local, and social pressing issues; for both corporate, government, and local communities 
  • To create your own products, services, tangibles, or digital
  • To start up a company in the Netherlands or in the Netherlands 


  • Any, from any place around the world
  • Remote entrepreneurial engagement
  • If you are not living in the Netherlands now, You plan to visit the Netherlands from time to time, and/or eventually, you want to establish yourself in the European Union
  • Or you are living now in the EU and would like to live in a self-sufficient center for purpose-driven entrepreneurs one day


  • Entrepreneurial experience of 2+ years
  • Any professional field, academic education (or equivalent professional experience)
  • Bachelor, Master, MBA, or PhD (Or equivalent entrepreneurial experience) 
  • Multidisciplinary-Innovation driven
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Service-driven leadership capacity
  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurship capacity
  • Data-driven business development
  • Nature-inspired
  • Holistic thinker, designer, and creator
  • Positive regenerative impact driven
  • Legacy Mindset
  • Global Citizen, (scale) Explorer, Local Hero Mindset
  • Personal growth driven
  • Human Enhancement Seeker
  • Work-Life & Family Balance Capacity
  • Long-life learning capacity
  • Holistic Lifestyle
  • Yoga, sports, or martial arts practitioner
  • Traveler mindset: Global-citizen & Local-hero
  • Communication of value skills, sales, marketing branding, negotiation


  • We develop business projects in diverse industries
  • We celebrate innovation, unleash trapped value, and unveil new realms for innovation 
  • Either you are skillful at working with mainstream solutions or you engage in holistic innovation or quantum entrepreneurship or co-creativity
  • You utilize your knowledge to address global, local, and social pressing issues, transitions and expected dilemmas


  • Ongoing continues training
  • You will receive training and challenges, along with the development of the business project
  • You feel comfortable creating your own future
  • You have fun with communication, marketing and sales (or would like to learn how to)


  • We will match your profile, skills, and knowledge, with current business projects, or to our Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab to develop new solutions/products/services, for your own company, or with your contribution for new companies or already active companies or business projects
  • You will receive a list of options to choose from, from early innovation, and MVPs creation challenges, to startups in incubation, scale-ups, or companies with 10+ or 30+ years of experience in the market; or eventually to contribute with projects developed at the location in collaboration with cities, NGOs, communities, or for corporate and international organizations, in coordination with intrapreneurs.
  • The recruiting program starts with an informative webinar, and follows with an individual capacity assessment and matching interview.
  • After the selection of your first challenge and or business project, you will complete a trial time necessary for you to experience our business culture, mindset and house rules.
  • We utilize a gamified holistic data-driven business development platform.


  • You choose the time you want to commit (from 9 hours/week or more)
  • You may be employed or have a company, you are welcome to create slowly a business project with us
  • You are welcome to join us part-time, full time or with no less than 9 hours every week


  • Hybrid 
  • You start online (We are an online company, most of our work, 80% is done online)
  • Later you will be required to combine remote work, work at the location, and travel in the Netherlands or EU from time to time (According to the road map of your own business project)
  • The HQ is the Netherlands, but you will choose the location in the Netherlands you want to work from (home office) or if you are not living in the Netherlands, you will set a schedule to visit the location, travel to the Netherlands from time to time
  • Free Schedule
  • You may combine this project with a second business project (As a part-time entrepreneurial project) or engage 100% of your time in the business project


  • The business project targets diverse markets (*you may indicate your preferences along with the recruiting program)
  • in the Netherlands
  • online
  • in EU
  • International
  • All business projects are scalable ( diverse scaling models)


  • Business projects offer a diversity of products and services (*you may indicate your preferences along with the recruiting program, first and second interviews)
  • Tangibles
  • Non-Tangibles
  • Digitals
  • Real-Estate
  • Social-Business
  • Not-profit
  • Community (people-based)
  • B2B, B2C, B2Gov, B2City


Varies according to the project, stage of your business project, the entrepreneurial commitment/duties you take, the personal resources, the time you decide to invest in, and the terms and conditions of the investment vs return agreement.

Candidates may choose one or combine more of the following compensation agreements.

  • Commission based
  • Salary, monthly wages
  • Project-based, outcome bonus, compensation after completion
  • Time-based, compensation per day or hour
  • Royalty-based, after a project/product enters the market, you earn a % of the fees paid by users
  • Earn-play based, you receive challenges (games to play) according to the outcome you earn an income (rules apply)
  • License-based: You earn with the company together, a fee for the licenses given to our customers
  • Debt-based: Loan repayments
  • Equity: shares
  • Passive Income Assets: Digital, tangible, and nontangible assets
  • Assets generation: Shared wealth system
  • Subscription-based: A crowdfunding system in which your contribution generates a return in the form of assets, capital, or other values
  • During the recruiting process, you are welcome to inform us about your expectations and preferences.
  • Capacity building: knowledge, skills, tools, methods, experience, opportunities


  • Please send your CV to
  • Contact us via WhatsApp at 0031626673380 to coordinate your individual interview and for a brief first call
  • Schedule the informative webinar, the individual interview
  • You will receive additional instructions


The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club is an ecosystem of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, dedicated to accelerating the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future by creating a positive and regenerative impact on humans, nature, societies, economies, and industries.


Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital: entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects