Aspiring Entrepreneur


You want to create your own unique product, an MVP, and incubate your own company (startup)

We invite you to take an entrepreneurial challenge, to initiate your journey as an entrepreneur 


  • You have considered the idea for some time already
  • To become an entrepreneur, decide what to do with your time, knowledge, skills, and experience
  • You want to generate your own wealth, and with it earn your freedom, & time to do what you prefer to do


  • Entrepreneurship is an adventure
  • You want to manage your own resources, risks, and outcome 
  • You would like to lead a business that creates a positive impact on the world
  • You want to make the decisions to keep your life in balance: work, family, creativity, nature & lifestyle
  • For you wealth is more than money, you are looking for holistic living, personal growth, legacy (multigenerational), quality of time with your family, and quality of life


  • Anyone interested to become an entrepreneur
  • You are an academic, researcher (natural science, social science, technology, innovation, business) and would like to apply your knowledge to a project you want to develop
  • You have been an employee for so many years, and would like to have your own company
  • You have several years of freelancer experience, maybe as a consultant, trainer, coach, mentor, or project manager; and are considering trying out the next level and creating your own company, you want to grow
  • You have been an entrepreneur already, but you never created your own unique product, and in your next entrepreneurial experience, you want to create your own 
  • You are a student and would like to start your first steps, first experience, as an entrepreneur


  • The Matrix-Q Akademia & Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club hosts a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • A trial season will give you the opportunity for self-selection, to claim eligibility
  • We utilize a gamified holistic methodology to boost entrepreneurship skills with business challenges and capacity building


  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is purpose-driven, multidisciplinary innovation-driven, impact-driven, data-driven and values-driven
  • Candidates need to commit to completing a training program in modules and milestones (free of charge), which includes:
    • A step-by-step process to create your own products based on your own knowledge, experience, and skills
    • Mindset shift: from academic, employee, self-employed, or researcher, into an investor-entrepreneur mindset

    • Long-term, multigenerational entrepreneurship

    • Global citizen, local hero mindset

    • Matrix-Q Holistic circular & regenerative economy, design, thinking, and wealth generation management

    • Matrix-Q Holistic entrepreneurship skills, tools, methods, knowledge

    • Holistic capitalism principles (The Matrix-Q 9 Capitals).

    • Matrix-Q Holistic data-driven learning methodology. Long-life learning mindset

    • Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary innovation, creativity, methodology
    • Matrix-Q Quantum Entrepreneurship skills, tools: prediction, creation, and deployment
    • Matrix-Q Quantum Co-creativity skills and tools: Collective intelligence
  • You will take part, contribute to a Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, and create your own product
  • We will give you challenges, that will boost your entrepreneurial capacity, according to the outcome, we will give you points, rewards, and prizes, that may include: training content, memberships, knowledge, tools, methods, licenses, certificates, subscriptions, access to technology and tools, prizes in cash


  • You start your entrepreneurial life with an entrepreneur agreement
  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is a company school for the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • We share our wealth, to accelerate your growth and empower you to become an investor-entrepreneur 
  • Our compensation model is hybrid, and includes the following:
    • The compensation we offer is commission/outcome-based/targets-based, from 3% up to 45% commissions. B2B, B2C, B2NGO, B2City, B2Community projects
    • We also offer you a bonus, royalties, referrals, and affiliate commissions, calculated every three months, 9 months and bi-yearly
    • We also compensate your time for consultancy, coaching, and mentoring projects from 45,00 EUR up to 270,00 EUR / unit of service (Average 2.500,00 EUR - 4.500,00 EUR) with an on-call agreement
    • You also earn with shares, equity, of your own company. 
    • For your creativity, you also earn royalties, as an author, content developer, or innovator
    • You will generate assets, passive income
    • You may also earn with the licenses program we host at our ecosystem
    • Capacity building, mentorship, coaching, and training, tools, subscriptions, methods, skills, knowledge, challenges
  • Along the trial season, you will learn how our compensation system works, and how you can earn an income, with all of the income streams above listed, with our holistic circulate wealth generation system


  • Your challenge is to develop your own purpose-driven company and to innovate, create your own products


  • Any, from any place around the world
  • Remote entrepreneurial engagement
  • Our HQ Headquarters is in the Netherlands, we are an online company, with an online entrepreneurs club, fund, academia, start-up incubator, accelerator, multidisciplinary innovation lab, human capital, futurist research, and time-sensitive opportunities scouting services.
  • You may as well be a digital nomad, and live abroad and abroad traveling, you are also welcome


    • You want to become an entrepreneur, create your own product


    • Candidates may start the program with at least 1FTE or 20% commitment, or 8 hours/week, or 32 hours/month
    • You may be dedicated up to 100% of your time to the project
    • There is a compulsory trial season of 81 days, we will give you training and challenges, and evaluate the outcome, according to your current level of capacity or experience, skills, and natural aptitude for entrepreneurship, and design based on the outcome a personalized road map, you are welcome to start within 81 days period
    • Free schedule
    • Remote
    • (If you live in the Netherlands or Europe, you may be interested to attend our gatherings and outdoor training in the city of Rhenen, otherwise, attend the ones we offer online) 


    • You will receive training and challenges, mentorship, and group coaching
    • We will match your profile, skills, and knowledge, with current business projects, products, target groups, and customers.
    • We will scout time-sensitive opportunities that match your product (MVP) and your capacity, skills
    • The recruiting program starts with an informative webinar and an individual interview.
    • Followed by an individual capacity assessment and matching interview.
    • After the selection, you will start the process of creating your own product and the first 3 challenges of the trial season


      • The business project varies according to the entrepreneur's creativity, and targets diverse markets (*you may indicate your preferences along with the recruiting program)
      • in the Netherlands
      • online
      • in EU
      • International
      • All business projects are scalable ( diverse scaling models)


      We create diverse products and services*

      • Tangibles
      • Non-Tangibles
      • Digitals
      • Real-Estate
      • Social-Business
      • Not-profit
      • Community (people-based)
      • B2B, B2C, B2Gov, B2City

        HOW TO APPLY?

        • Please send your CV to
        • Contact us via WhatsApp at 0031626673380 to coordinate your individual interview and for a brief first call
        • Schedule the informative webinar, the individual interview
        • You will receive additional instructions

        ABOUT US

        The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club is an ecosystem of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, dedicated to accelerating the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future by creating a positive and regenerative impact on humans, nature, societies, economies, and industries.


        Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital: entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

        We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects


        The Matrix-Q Challenge is a competition for leaders and entrepreneurs. The goal is to create an accelerated learning experience, a compound effect that will enable growth and impact. Prizes empower leaders and entrepreneurs: including resources, funding, capital, cash, knowledge, tools, skills, technology, memberships, and opportunities for both economic growth and impact.