Business Developer for an Entrepreneurial-Project (startup, spin-off) (intrapreneur/entrepreneur)

Matrix-Q Specialist

Business Developer for an Entrepreneurial-Project

(startup, spin-off) (intrapreneur/entrepreneur)

Business Developer for an Entrepreneurial-Project

(startup, spin-off) (intrapreneur/entrepreneur)


> Develop a new business line (as an intrapreneur)

> Lead a spin-off (startup) (as an entrepreneur)

> Create a new product/service/business model (as an innovator)


A. I. & automation are rapidly reshaping our civilization, labor market, education, research, industry, and economy. But there are still unexplored pathways for creating another kind of future.

A. I. & Automation are displacing human capital because there are many human tasks that can be automated. But there are also human competencies/skills that can not be automated.

We want to add value to the human capital by enhancing human competencies that A. I. can not displace.

We have developed an innovative technology that is human-inclusive, which provides the best of its capacity only when trained humans utilize it.

As a Matrix-Q Specialist, you will receive the training necessary to become an operator/user/designer/coder/data analyst of this innovative technology and also the entrepreneur able to commercialize diverse innovations based on the same.

You will have exclusive access to Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Knowledge, Tools, Methods, Designs, Algorithms, Data, Business Models, Innovations, Products, and Resources.

The value of the Matrix-Q Specialist Program is 32.400 EUR. Your entrepreneurial achievements, our circular earning model, and the support provided by the Matrix-Q Fund make it possible for you to receive the training program, certificates, and commercial licenses.


A gamified learning program.

Hands-on holistic data-driven accelerated learning program, with games, simulations, challenges, missions, and real business projects help us measure, predict and optimize your performance.


You can choose the path you prefer:

1.) Project Developer ( We pay the fees with a % of the income generated with the intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial/consulting project you develop)

2.) Membership (You pay fees, once you reach level 4 of the training we will pay you the fees back)

3.) Sponsorship (Your sponsor pays the fees)

4.) Challenge (You earn points, and trade the points for training units)

5.) Ambassador (Reach target bonus on sales/referrals commissions, and receive vouchers you can use to attend the program)

In order to join any of the programs above, you will need to complete "the eligibility challenge" (Free of charge). Along this challenge we will learn more about your knowledge, skills, and commitment capacity, then we will match you with the ideal training modules, certificates, the licenses, for you, and you will start earning an income.


Remote 100%

Every three months we do organize outdoor training (If you are living in the Netherlands or can travel to the Netherlands)


It is a part-time opportunity

If you want to work from home, or abroad-traveling, or with a free schedule.

If you have a job or a steady income and you want to have/create a second income stream

If you are looking for a new professional challenge

You have a mid and long-term vision. You want to take responsibility as an intrapreneur and as an entrepreneur by developing new business lines (with innovation, and creativity) or leading spin-offs (startups).

If you want to develop or use your entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and commitment capacity in a new project.


A module-based training program, with a focus on human competencies that artificial intelligence can not displace.

(You receive certificates, licenses as a Matrix-Q Specialist, access to technology, time-sensitive opportunities, and resources)

Only Matrix-Q Specialists can operate and utilize Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Methods, Technology, Skills, Data, Designs, Algorithms, & Information.


  • Have at least 2 years of experience as a coach, trainer, consultant, business innovation, startup, investment, project developer, or business manager

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, with scalability thinking

  • You have an EU Residency, you live in the Netherlands, or you are ready to move to the Netherlands

  • Familiar with online (remote) business & networks

  • Languages (Business Language is English. Other languages are optional: Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and others)

  • Marketing, communication, branding savvy

  • Ability to close deals, sales

  • Legacy-driven (You would like to create a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations)

  • Long-life learning capacity

  • Purpose-driven

  • Self-knowledge savvy

  • The capacity of commitment expected (at least 81+ days (eligibility challenge), 486+ days, or 729+ days for the boarding program)

  • Passion for work-life balance

  • Multigenerational collaboration mindset


  • Part-time

  • Free schedule

  • Project-Based Income (We earn an income based on demand, with a waiting list, hybrid circular income model)

  • A minimum of 9 hours weekly (ideal 18 hours) (does not have to be on day-light standard working hours 8-7)(Includes: the modules-trainings, and additional time with a free schedule for solo activities (learning, practice, projects))

  • Attend e-mail, phone calls, WhatsApp chat, zoom calls, and webinars to care for leads and customers

  • You set available daily hours with a flexible schedule committed to the project

  • Remote work (online), from time to time coordination and training meetings in-house

  • Promotion opportunities (create and develop your products, and projects)

  • Inclusive work environment: friendly for parents, gender diversity and equity, a special program for PwD

  • Work-Life Balance, Culture, Leisure, Outdoors activities

  • Skills work-out sessions

  • Coaching, mentorship

  • Training, module system certification & Licenses (Matrix-Q Specialist)

  • Gamified holistic learning, challenges to enable professional development & personal growth


The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for purpose-driven investors & entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

We provide services on demand, with a waiting list, available only to our members

Our members are entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, investors, influencers, startups, and young entrepreneurs, with a purpose-driven mindset

We engage also in social impact projects, and positive causes, creating a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations

We also organize events, keynote presentations, webinars, and conversations with trendy topics of interest

We want to provide hands-on gamified holistic data-driven accelerated learning online delivered in 81-729 days, in value of 32.400 EUR to 6561 young aspiring entrepreneurs from 81 locations worldwide for 2037

We are the next generation of Purpose-driven Investor-Entrepreneurs


The compensation system is hybrid and circular.

There is no limit on income level

We utilize an earning system that cultivates your entrepreneurial mindset and skills-set

The compensation rules below will be explained during the first interview

The candidate must complete an eligibility challenge (trial season) to qualify for any of the compensation rules

A) Monetary Compensation

There is no limit to the compensation per year

> for time (Project development, consultancy, coaching, training)

> for the outcome (% commissions for sales, referrals, location target bonus, collective target bonus up to 45%)

> for creativity (Royalties, for the assets, scouting opportunities, innovative ideas placed into action)

> For challenges completion (you receive vouchers between 500 EUR and 2500 EUR)

B) No Monetary Compensation

> A hands-on gamified accelerated holistic and data-driven training program to become a Matrix-Q Specialist (Acquire Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills, Commitment, Licenses, Resources, Technology, Methods) (in value of up to 32.400 EUR)

> Work-life balance activities

> Skills, Mindset, Personal Growth, and Commitment Training (Work-Outs)

> Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling

> Think Tank trendy topics (lifelong learning, conversations)

> Community of purpose-driven investors and entrepreneurs

> Innovation Lab, to create your own Matrix-Q Innovations

> Fulfilling contribution to positive impulse causes, and nonprofit actions

> Location-Manager Leadership development program (in value up to 12.000,00 EUR)

> Co-founder Challenges (To qualify for an Equity Program, to receive shares as co-founder of an office for a new location)


* First, start a conversation via WhatsApp chat at +31626673380 to coordinate a first call (10 min)

* Send your CV and introductory letter to


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