Dancer - Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Productions - Ensemble


JOB: Dancers

We are preparing performances for 2023-2024, with a multidisciplinary performers ensemble.


In three categories of dancers: Advanced, intermediate, and beginners 

In three spheres: Executives (leaders), Artists & Multi talents

Welcome are dancers with experience or intentional dancers, in 5 age groups ( 5 generations )

> 1960 - 1970

> 1970 -1980

> 1980 -1990

> 1990 - 2000

> 2000 - 2010 (With parental authorization and supervision)


Dancers will be organized into categories, age groups, and spheres.

For each team, a unique training and production program will be facilitated.


It is a multi-job opportunity

After completing the training program*, dancers may qualify for one or more of the following:

> on-call, for sponsored performing arts production

> on-call (education) to provide services for the Matrix-Q Akademia's students/customers (Including coaching, training, work-life balance, mental health, creativity, and leadership skills). We provide complimentary training and certification as Matrix-Q Holistic Coach-Trainer

> Project outcome based: Involve a personal investment of time, to produce a performance on stage

> Royalty based: Involve a personal investment of time, to produce digital art productions

> Ensemble: You join an artist's community, that explores new approaches to arts, utilizing the Matrix-Q Method

> Research & Innovation: Arts, technology and human consciousness 

> Entrepreneurial projects with multidisciplinary performing arts (Participants receive training in entrepreneurship and business)


Monetary compensation varies (see above) depending on the project and agreement, and the level of capacity to utilize the Matrix-Q Method.


All participants need to complete the (*)Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Training Program

This training program will take place simultaneously, in parallel to the casting, recruiting, and selection process for specific choreographies or projects

According to the dancer's capacity to utilize the Matrix-Q Method, will be assigned to specific projects, and production complexity


We have started with training and rehearsals, and have projects scheduled for 2023, as well as online

We start new training programs, for new candidates every month.

You can apply for the job spontaneously 


The Netherlands. Utrecht region, Rhenen, Wageningen, Veendaal, Utrecht City

Online: International dancers able to produce arts content online


Please send your CV, portfolio, media, demos, and website to

You will be invited to attend a webinar (in order to learn about the Matrix-Q Method, and the conditions to attend the Matrix-Q Akademia Program for multidisciplinary performing arts (contract, agreements, rules) and the compensation agreement).

A private interview will be scheduled

We will match you with one of our projects