Direct Sales & Project Management


Acquisition and account management for impact projects

Direct sales, to warm and cold leads. Remote work, location development, and EU/BENELUX Customers.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for scouting opportunities for impact, acquisition of leads, communication and direct sales to cold and warm leads, coordination and organization of services, and account management (Impact projects and customers)

With the goal to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future


  • Lead Profiling & Matching with products and services
  • Acquisition and communication with both warm and cold leads
  • CRM
  • Direct sales
  • Coordination and organization of services
  • Account management (Impact projects and customers)
  • Scouting impact opportunities
  • Impact Assessment


  • Experience in the acquisition, communication, marketing, and sales of products and services, both tangible and non tangible
  • Familiar with SDGs 17 Sustainable development goals
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Capacity to search and find information on the internet
  • Wealth generation capacity

Opportunity assessment


Communication, sales

Personalized customer care

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem (The Netherlands) members (companies, startups and projects) offer diversity of products and services, both tangible and non tangible

Your role is to contribute with the growth of the ecosystem


Capacity scan and training (data-driven)

Interested parties please provide the following information

1) Expertise (specific tasks, skills, tools, techniques, knowledge, network, portfolio)

2) Introductory letter, why would you like to join us


New team members agree to:

  • Remote training.
  • At location (indoors and outdoors) training in Rhenen, The Netherlands
  • You will receive the training necessary to manage the accounts, products and services, customer profile and matching
  • >> (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Communication & Negotiation
  • >> (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Leadership & Strategic Thinking (In times of Climate change)
  • Speak and utilize the English & Dutch Languages, and any other language
  • Free schedule
  • Project-based
  • Remote work
  • Teamwork at location Rhenen


New team members start as candidates and join a trial season of max 81 days

Eligible candidates will receive advanced challenges and higher bonuses


Vary according to the project. Candidates may choose one or more of the following compensation agreements below.

  • Salary, monthly wages
  • Project-based, compensation for project completion
  • Time-based, compensation per day or hour
  • A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user
  • Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with
  • License-based, you earn with the company together with a % fee of the license given to our customers


Our Headquarters is in the Netherlands

We are an online company dedicated to multidisciplinary research, education, holistic living, and technology innovation, for sustainable development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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