GENERALIST to become a Matrix-Q Specialist (Holistic Data-driven Knowledge, Skills, Tools)

Generalist to become a

Matrix-Q Specialist

  • Purpose-Quest, Leadership Development
  • Data-Driven Marketing, Communication & Branding
  • Regenerative Strategic & Design Thinking
  • The 9 Principles of Holistic-Wealth-Ability
  • Holistic Data-Driven Management
  • Holistic-Quantum Entrepreneurship Tools & Tech
  • Gamification: learn-play, earn-play, create-play
  • Leadership & Personal Growth
  • Holistic Data-Driven Consultancy, Coaching, Training
  • Work-Life Balance, Community-Driven
  • Long-term Vision, Multigenerational Family-Driven
  • Positive Impulse for the next 9+ Generations


  • Create a positive impulse for the following 9+ Generations, by applying holistic-quantum entrepreneurship knowledge 
  • Develop your purpose-driven entrepreneurial capacity (with accelerated hands-on learning by doing, gamified program)
  • Acquire experience, generate regenerative holistic wealth, and complete 9 stages to become an investor-entrepreneur


You choose your own path

  • Contribute to the development of a multinational online organization
  • Develop a project, location, chapter, or new business line
  • Innovate creating a new product, or service
  • Start-up as intrapreneur or entrepreneur


  • In times of unpredictable change and transition, knowledge, skill, and commitment are currency
  • What can be more reliable than a heart-driven human connection, a purpose-driven resilient community, selfless values-driven leaders collaborating with each other, and regenerative holistic wealth-generators committed to creating together a positive impulse for the following next 9+ generations?


  • Tools designed with the mathematic "code" of nature.
  • Gamified challenges to inspire you, empower you, and accelerate your entrepreneurial development & growth.
  • Data-driven methodology to measure, predict, enhance, and optimize your performance.
  • We utilize the 9 principles of regenerative holistic wealth.
  • We practice holistic-quantum entrepreneurship.

Generalist to become a Matrix-Q Specialist Program

  • Complete a lesson with hands-on projects, missions, tasks, and challenges
  • Acquire the skill, develop your commitment capacity, and unveil your own knowledge, by doing
  • Earn points, rewards, prizes, vouchers, cash, and priority attention tickets


  • Is an expert in the use of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Method, Technology, Data, Skills, Innovations
  • To become a Matrix-Q Specialist it is necessary to complete a hands-on (learning-by-doing) program, in which for each 20 min lesson, there is an associated project, challenge, or mission that enables wealth generation (income) for the aspiring specialist.
  • The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science), modern technology, and innovation. Developed since 1993 (Matrix-Q Research Institute). Source of more than 36 fields of Innovation, in which have been developed products, services, and positive impulse projects. (For  more details about the Matrix-Q Knowledge, please read below)
  • The Matrix-Q Specialist evolves by acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Method, Technology, Data, Skills, and Innovations in each of the areas necessary for the holistic development of an organization, business, community, or family project. (For example purpose, mission, creativity, productivity, learning, thinking, data analysis, emotional intelligence, empathy, positive impulse, work-life balance, time management, guiding principles, culture, technology, systems, design, communication, resilience, community, marketing, branding, wealth generation, financial means, property, assets creation, co-creativity, diversity, inclusion, knowledge, complexity, mathematics)
  • Along the learning process, the aspiring Matrix-Q Specialist may select as focus one or a few of the above-listed areas of development, to complete skills, acquire knowledge, commit to the development of projects, create holistic value, a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations, create assets, and generate holistic wealth.
  • The Matrix-Q Club (Ecosystem) provides already international business projects, access to market, and opportunities, for the Aspiring Matrix-Q Specialist to complete the certification program 
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the human capacity with an accelerated holistic data-driven gamified learning methodology


     0. Complete a registration process. We tailor-made the program according to your capacity, experience.

  1. Trial season: 27 days to 81 days. Explore, learn, and apply.
  2. Complete quick certificates, in 9 days, 27 days, and 81 days; and start earning (Quick Silver Modules)
  3. Complete modules, and acquire specific skills, knowledge, and experience (see below examples)
  4. The complete program is developed in 12+ levels of hands-on training (see details below)
  5. Complete levels at your own pace, a free schedule. With a minimum commitment of 9 hours/week for both lessons, self-education, and projects (hands-on application). 
  6. You will be able to earn monetary compensation and generate income from the first month. It can be considered as a part-time income.  
  7. With the certificates and licenses, you qualify to lead (intra-)entrepreneurial projects
  8. According to your performance, we will assign you to entrepreneurial projects, intrapreneurship, innovation lab, spin-offs, new product development, franchise programs, label programs, causes (Positive impulse, non-profit), location development, consultancy, start-ups, or self-employment (solopreneurship)
  9. Your investment in your own success will be rewarded. The Matrix-Q Fund will share with you resources, capital, knowledge, technology, subscriptions, and memberships, for you to develop your own business project


  • As a holistic-quantum entrepreneur
  • You can choose the product line and target group you prefer
  • B2B, or B2C programs


  • You will receive capacity building (hands-on) with the goal to complete the program for holistic-quantum entrepreneurs 
  • Your education has value, you will pay for it with commitment, skills, and knowledge.
  • We give you 18 pathways to choose from (more details at the first interview: Sponsored-Akademia (free of charge), Work-Study, Volunteer, Intern, Ambassador, Investor, Innovator, ICT developer, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, co-Founder, Project Manager, Research & Expeditions, Performing Arts Production, Co-creator, Lifestyle & Leisure, Consultant-Coach-Trainer, Onboarding (co-living co-working space, shared economy self-sufficient house), Purpose-Driven Leader)
  • According to your performance, after completion of the program, you will be promoted to develop projects in areas of your interest.  We tailor-made this rule, to acknowledge individual capacity developed along the program. Some of our candidates have years of experience, some others are just starting as entrepreneurs.  
  • An agreement will be signed. In which you will commit to the rules given.
  • You may decide how far, how many levels you want to complete in the program, and which certificates and licenses.  There are 12+ levels, and certificates you can eventually complete in 27 days. 
  • You may decide to enroll in a complete program of 12 levels or in a step-by-step program deciding every 81 days what will you do next. You will receive mentorship, and coaching, to advise you on this decision, according to your individual preferences, limitations, and expectations.
  • The work-study program is provided only to eligible candidates. You start by joining an eligibility (trial) challenge. It includes a capacity assessment report and coaching.
  • The program is hybrid, provided online and in the city of Rhenen (The Netherlands)


  • The system has been gamified. According to the points you have earned, you will receive access to more lessons, mentorship, content, priority attention tickets, and time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Before you access the first modules, you need to complete a challenge, to qualify and tailor-make your individual program.


  • First, start a conversation via WhatsApp chat at +31626673380 to coordinate a first call (10 min)
  • Send your CV and introductory letter to



  • After completion of a module of training, you will receive tasks, missions, challenges, projects, or assignments and entrepreneurial time-sensitive-opportunities, that convert in economic outcome
  • The assignments vary depending on the module content: branding, marketing, sales, production, creativity, strategy, communication, data-driven analysis, self-management, design, research, innovation, collaboration, co-creation, positive-impulse, business culture development, work-life balance, knowledge, resilience, growth, planning, project development, account management, customer care, coaching, training, presentations, negotiation, ambassador activities, leadership, purpose, and others.
  • The tasks and duties are assigned according to a tailor-made learning plan
  • You will be able to acquire knowledge, develop skills and build up commitment capacity in all areas of the business development cycle
  • You will be challenged to utilize tools, systems, methods, algorithms, protocols, principles, technology, knowledge, techniques, models, and procedures to develop your holistic-quantum entrepreneurship capacity, skills, and knowledge


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Aspiration to evolve professionally
  • Aspiration to generate wealth
  • Purpose-driven (Or you would like to find your own purpose)
  • Legacy-driven (You would like to create a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations)
  • Long-life learning capacity
  • Self-knowledge savvy
  • The capacity of commitment (Short term 81+ days, medium-term 243+ days, or long-term 729+ days, you chose)
  • Passion for work-life balance
  • Multigenerational collaboration mindset


  • You are a generalist or would like to become one
  • It means probably also you have invested in self-education, learning through professional experiences, or multiple fields of academic education, or received a legacy of holistic knowledge (family, community)
  • You may or may not have academic qualifications
  • For example: You may have experience as an entrepreneur already, maybe in your family business, or because your job was required (intrapreneur, self-employed, solopreneur)
  • For example:  You may have completed an MBA certification
  • For example: You may have been collaborating with a startup
  • For example: You may have completed your academic education (in any field)
  • For example: You are still a student and have not completed your academic education yet (in any field)
  • We acknowledge non-academic competencies. Validated through the hands-on education we provide.


  • English is our business language
  • We also utilize Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Chinese (We will add more languages in the future)


  • Our HeadQuarters are in the Netherlands
  • We develop projects online (Worldwide), at our location (The Netherlands), and at the locations of our members (any location in the world, that qualify with minimum requirements)


  • We celebrate diversity, and practice inclusion
  • We also respect natural limitations of inclusion, and the learning process everyone needs to becoming 
  • We offer special programs for Women, Young-Entrepreneurs (with parental authorization and support), PvD, Refugees, Immigrants, Binational Couples, Senior (Over 63 years old), Students, and any gender identity
  • In our ecosystem, we start as solopreneurs, so it is comfortable to commit to your own preferences and lifestyle.  Stay in your comfort zone.
  • We build up teams considering a matching algorithm
  • We practice zero discrimination (Race, color, gender identity, wealth, academic education, place of birth)


  • We are an online company
  • Most of our tasks are completed online (Training, collaboration, project development)
  • We also visit the locations, and venues, of our customers
  • We travel as entrepreneurs, exploring and developing new locations
  • We provide also services outdoors
  • Our outdoor training location is the City of Rhenen, in the Netherlands


  • For all our members, is included in the program: mentorship, coaching, workouts and activities for
  • Work-life balance
  • Leisure
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture & Arts
  • Community


We provide a hybrid Holistic Circular Compensation System

You can choose to combine one or more of the alternatives below

The compensation system is used for each assignment designed to generate an economic outcome.

It includes monetary compensation for:

> Time (Working units, project-based B2B Assignments, consulting, coaching, training)

> Commissions & Target Bonus (5%, 36%, 45% 63%) for each campaign, project, challenge, mission or project

> Creativity (Royalties)

> Discount coupons (vouchers) for education services at the value of 1000 € / season [ we have a min. Of 2 seasons per year and a max of 14 seasons per year]

> Royalties (for creativity, innovation, creation of content, and designs)

> Equity (for those that have chosen the path to become co-founders)

It includes also compensation in the form of:

> Training, coaching, mentorship

> Gamified entrepreneurial challenges

> Discount coupons for our products

> Leisure activities, Work-Life Balance

We expect you to earn with a part-time commitment over a threshold of 2.500 EUR/month


It is a time-sensitive opportunity

Candidates increase their value through accelerated holistic gamified learning, with a compound learning effect, aim to qualify for time-sensitive opportunities, create assets, and  generate holistic wealth

Everyone that completes successfully the eligibility challenge is welcome to continue their professional and entrepreneurial development with us. We host 36 areas of innovation, research, entrepreneurship and investment with several opportunities for everyone.

We consider that each of them will become eligible for at least one of the following promotion opportunities

We enable up to 36 candidates per location/nation the opportunity to start the Matrix-Q Belts Program (Leadership)

We would like to give the TOP 9 the opportunity to join lead the development and expand our ecosystem internationally

  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 81 days *, may be invited to try out their own creative ideas, and take roles as project managers or account managers, intrapreneurs
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 243 days *, may be invited to develop one of the Matrix-Q Spin-Offs or Matrix-Q Innovation-driven business projects as co-founders
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 243 days *, may be invited to contribute to our consultancy, research and development, services, or innovation lab projects.
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 27 days *, may be invited to collaborate with business venture projects as ambassadors (B2B, B2C, B2Gov)
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 486 days *, may be invited to work in our "lease-an-entrepreneur" program, in which third-party companies contract Matrix-Q Specialist for specific entrepreneurial challenges. 
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 27 days *, may be invited to collaborate as solopreneurs, self-employed, in programs developed by our ecosystem as coach-trainers, coders, facilitators, and designers.
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 486 days *, may be invited to join a startup, as co-founders, together with other members of our entrepreneurs and investors club.
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 486 days *, may be invited to develop their own start-up, and receive support, capital, and resources, by the Matrix-Q Fund
  • > Eligible candidates (achieved certification), after completion of at least 486 days *, may be invited to take a leadership role position in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem as an investor-entrepreneur (Matrix-Q Belts Program)

(*) Of 2 seasons per year and a max of 14 seasons per year]

The Matrix-Q Knowledge

Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it, that is how a Matrix-Q Rank is earned.

Therefore Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcomes with it. An outcome that translates into the generation of holistic wealth and assets in 9 fields or streams of value, or 9 capitals of holistic capitalism

In order to become a Matrix-Q Rank holder, candidates commit to continuous practice and development of skills, capacity to apply and create outcome with it, included but not limited to the following (Matrix-Q hands-on practices subject of data-driven assessment of capacity): Matrix-Q brain GYM, enhancement of brain performance, technical use of emotions and perception, use of symbolic language, mathematics, geometry and tones, body-awareness, intuition, holistic and quantum entrepreneurial skills, personal growth stages of development, work-life-family balance skills, multidisciplinary innovation mindset, capacity to integrate nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, wisdom in the development of the companies; to nurture, and cultivate a positive entrepreneur-investor mindset, holistic wealth generation capacity ( Wealth ability skills), the ability to create assets utilizing the 9 capitals or principles of holistic capitalism, holistic data-driven analysis skills, capacity to utilize (skills) predictive tools, capacity to respond to time-sensitive opportunities (capacity to take action), and other pragmatic abilities

In order to integrate a data-driven assessment of capacity, the acquisition of Matrix-Q Knowledge has been gamified, games, challenges, simulations, missions, assignments, projects, play sessions, pilots, explorations, labs, and experiments are used for the aspiring Matrix-Q Specialists to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge and create a positive regenerative systemic outcome with it. Based on the outcome created by the candidates, points, ranks, rings, cycles, belts, certificates, licenses, labels, rewards, and prizes are assigned.

Matrix-Q Knowledge includes all the intellectual property created by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Matrix-Q Innovators (License holders)

It includes innovative: Tools, methodology, techniques, systems, models, algorithms, skills, data, technology, innovations, research, frameworks, products, and services.

Matrix-Q Knowledge is a holistic body of work. It includes all derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge which are also the property of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and Matrix-Q Companies holders of a Matrix-Q Label (Standard). As a holistic multidisciplinary system is coherent, consistent, interdependent, systemic

The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science, modern technology, and innovation)

The founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Innovator, Researcher, and Explorer, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, continued research, since 1993, is the origin of the Matrix-Q Knowledge


Please schedule with us a presentation (webinar) for complete details about the training program

 Below you find a brief reference on the 9+ Stages


Each Level includes modules with pragmatic content, data-driven analysis, new tools, information, techniques, methods, skills development, knowledge, cases, assessment, coaching, and mentoring 

Each module includes challenges, missions, assignments, and projects for entrepreneurs

  • L100 Introductory Webinar

  • L101 The 9 Primordial Principles of Data-Driven Holistic Entrepreneurship

  • L102 The 9 Enablers of Data-Driven Holistic Entrepreneurship

  • L103 The 9+ Stages of Wealth Generation Capacity

  • L104 Quantum Entrepreneurship

  • L105 Co-creative Wealth-Ability Mandala for Holistic & Quantum Entrepreneurship

  • L106 Collective Co-creative Wealth-Ability Mandala for Holistic & Quantum Entrepreneurship

  • L107 Matrix-Q Holistic Learning Methodology (Program for facilitators certification)

  • L108 Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching Methodology (Program for holistic coaching certification)

  • L109 Matrix-Q Game Master / Challenge Facilitator  (Program for game/challenge master certification)

  • L109+ Systemic Wealth-Generation with Holistic Quantum Entrepreneurship

  • L10T Holistic-Quantum Entrepreneurship Self-Mastery

Below some examples, of the modules we provide

About us

Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs' Club

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

We host a multi-service platform provided on demand to our customers.

Customers are both members of our club and non-members

URL visit our ecosystem services

Most developed business lines since 1993: Matrix-Q Akademia for Entrepreneurs, Coaching-Training; Matrix-Q Research Institute, Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, Circular Regenerative Design, & Consultancy,  Matrix-Q Technology, Matrix-Q Challenge Incubator & Accelerator for Start-ups, Matrix-Q Fund Non-Profit Causes & Legacy Projects, Matrix-Q Human Capital, Matrix-Q Studio, Matrix-Q Quantum Vision Futurist Prediction, Matrix-Q Travel, Leisure & Culture, Matrix-Q Holistic Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Work-Life Balance, Matrix-Q Licenses, Label & Franchise Programs, and others. 

Matrix-Q Human Capital

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital: entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects

Matrix-Q Akademia

It provides fully gamified learning (capacity building) programs.

Data-driven learning-by-doing, learning by solving challenges.

In which the students develop the capacity to think, feel, create, act, lead, and invest with the knowledge acquired.

Our mission is to accelerate the learning curve of our students.

We create a compound learning-effect, to optimize their process of acquisition of multidisciplinary knowledge and development of their capacity for execution.

Multidisciplinary performing arts & storytelling: Ensemble, Akademia, Arts & Technology: Research & Innovation, Club 9 Rhenen

Matrix-Q Sound Studio
We research, create & produce experiences with sound, geometry, color, emotions, and body-awareness
Our products are dedicated to enhancing harmony, regeneration, and balance with sound
We provide energizing, vitalizing, and joyful experiences with sound.