Internship - Climate Change Impact Research

INTERN - Climate Change Impact Research

Climate Change - Impact Research

The ideal candidate will be responsible forresearch, and assessment of the impact of businesses, companies, organizations, cities, families, and community activities that slow down or do not contribute to the mitigation of climate change outcomes. Case study and reports


  • Research
  • Assessment of impact
  • Holistic & Systemic ImpactAnalysis
  • Data driven analysis
  • Reports


  • At least a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Experience or familiarity with climate change outcomes
  • Familiar with SDG13 Climate Action Projects
  • Communication skills
  • Capacity to search and find information on the internet
  • Research experience, climate change causes, impact assessment


Climate change outcomes create a systemic impact

If you are familiar with the science behind climate change and would like to contribute by providing holistic and systemic analysts reports and doing research of a case study

You may also like to collaborate with the improvement or change of the conditions that contribute with climate change, suggesting feasible changes in business, activities or decisions by the manager of companies, organizations, cities or communities

In your application, please indicate the knowledge and experience you have


The new Matrix-Q Research Institute & Matrix-Q Akademia engage together in a new project: The Climate Action Service Program, in which citizens, communities, cities and companies, participate and contribute with the mitigation, prevention, risk management, damage control, in relation to the outcomes of climate change, actual and predicted for the following 100 years.

It is a long term vision project


Capacity scan and training (data-driven)

Interested parties please provide the following information

1) Expertise (specific tasks, skills, tools, techniques, knowledge, network, portfolio)

2) Introductory letter, why would you like to join us


New team members agree to:

  • Remote training.
  • At location (indoors and outdoors) training in Rhenen, The Netherlands
  • (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Matrix-Q Holistic Education & Multidisciplinary Research Methods & Data-driven Tools: Need to learn how to utilize Matrix-Q Tools, Design methodology & Algorithms
  • (Complete Matrix-Q Training)Training to utilize A.I. Artificial intelligence tools
  • (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Climate change products, impact assessment tools
  • (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Communication
  • (Complete Matrix-Q Training) Leadership & Thinking (In times of Climate change)
  • Speak and utilize the English & Dutch Languages
  • You are already living in the Netherlands, you are a Dutch national, or have a permanent residency permit to live and work in the Netherlands.
  • Free schedule
  • Project-based
  • Remote work
  • Teamwork at location Rhenen


New team members start as interns or candidates to scouts, to qualify as climate change impact opportunities scouts or project managers


Candidates may also join Matrix-Q Native start-ups or Matrix-Q Consultants Division


Vary according to the project. Candidates may choose one or more of the following compensation agreements below.

  • Compensation in the form of training, rewards and professional experience
  • Project based, for project completion
  • Time-based, per day or hour
  • A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user
  • Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with
  • License based, you earn with the company together with a % fees of the license given to our customers