Internship Next Generation Leaders

INTERN - Assistant

Scholarship program for the next generation leaders


In our ecosystem, we believe that your uniqueness is the solution to a challenge we are about to discover. We will experience in the following 12, 24, 36, and 48 years new challenges never experienced before by humankind. Challenges that you individually will be able to solve, if well prepared, challenges that you as a collective will be able to solve, if well prepared.


As assistant of the scholarship program, you will collaborate with the assessment of candidates and coordination of their recruiting program

Scholarship Program for the Next Generation of Leaders & Entrepreneurs offers university students the possibility to attend training programs and receive memberships in our ecosystem, making it possible for them to join the entrepreneurial projects developed by our members,

As a club/ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and impact investors, we welcome always new members, and business projects and create new solutions together (Matrix-Q Lab)


  • Management assistant, coordination of recruiting program activities
  • Matching candidates' expertise and interests with the business culture of our ecosystem
  • Pre-assessment of candidates
  • Schedule of activities for scholarship holders
  • Scholarship Newsletter
  • Coordination with stake holders: Universities, Technical schools
  • Registration and onboarding of scholarship holders
  • Data analytics
  • Design and implementation of campaigns
  • Coordinate and organize live training outdoors at the city of Rhenen, and online
  • Utilize own knowledge (field of expertise) to communicate the value of projects and opportunities available in our ecosystem for students with similar field of expertise. (You will create a project related to your expertise field, dedicated to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies)


  • Candidates should be interested in project management, and strategic management, and would like to acquire experience as a management assistant
  • Dutch Language
  • English Language
  • Ideal: Live close to the city of Rhenen


  • Candidates will receive training on our matching methodology, project management, self-management, and communication tools.


  • Opportunity to qualify for a Management assistant, personal assistant role
  • Opportunity to qualify for a project management role
  • Add points to your profile, to later apply as a startup with a project of your own, or apply to join the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab


  • As a student, you would like to learn how to manage projects and have a close look at business, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the perspective of leadership, management, and road map of a company/ecosystem
  • This opportunity is complementary to any professional field of expertise


Vary according to the project and eligibility reached, You will receive training. By completing tasks, we assess how ready you are for more advanced projects. The compensation system varies accordingly.

  • Compensation in the form of training, rewards, and professional experience
  • Project-based, for project completion
  • Time-based, per day or hour
  • A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user
  • Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with
  • License-based, you earn with the company together with a % fee of the license given to our customers