Internship - Performing Arts - Production of events

INTERN - Assistant

Performing arts - Production of events


Art & Culture are essential for our modern society, for both leisure, entertainment, and mental-health, to cultivate empathy, resilience, develop culture, and heritage, and communicate social pressing issues, and enable social education.

Storytellers in ancient cultures would play similar roles, and entertainment and contribute with social collective reflection on actual topics, through dance, performance, theater, games, comedy or stories

Multidisciplinary performing arts is an open field for creativity and interaction with society.

Combined with purpose-driven entrepreneurship, technology, and media, arts and culture events productions is an open field for creativity


You will collaborate with the development of artistic projects, stage performances, competitions, organization of events, and production.


  • Coordination of recruiting, casting of artists
  • Matching candidates' expertise and interests with specific arts and culture projects
  • Organization of events: from venue to promotion, sales, and ticketing
  • Coordination with stakeholders, partners, and collaborations
  • Communication with sponsors
  • Coordination with producers
  • Completion of tasks assigned by project managers
  • Data Analytics
  • Design and implementation of campaigns
  • Customer care


  • Candidates should be interested in project management, and strategic management, and would like to acquire experience as a management assistant
  • Ideal: experience or education as an artist. 
  • Convenient, but not compulsory: experience or education in business management, marketing, organization of events, artistic projects production, culture development, or similar. 
  • Dutch Language
  • English Language
  • Ideal: Live close to the cities of Rhenen, Utrecht, Veenendaal, Wageningen


  • Candidates will receive training on our matching methodology, project management, self-management, and communication tools. (Matrix-Q Akademia Certificate*)
  • The training will involve 30% of the internship program. Learning by doing 60%. Data analytics, performance assessment, and coaching 10%

1- 2.5 Days in Rhenen/ or Utrecht / week
1 - 2.5 Days Online


  • Opportunity to qualify for a Management assistant, personal assistant role
  • Opportunity to qualify for a project management role


  • You would like to learn how to manage projects and have a close look at business, and entrepreneurship, from the perspective of leadership, management, and the road map of a company/ecosystem
  • This opportunity is complementary to any professional field of expertise


Vary according to the project and eligibility reached: (*)You will receive training. The training is provided in modules. Each module gives you a certificate. The certificates are conditions for specific tasks and roles.

By completing tasks, we assess how ready you are for more advanced projects and responsibilities. (If you have some experience already, the training system will help you access quickly more responsibility and higher compensation). The compensation system varies accordingly.

The compensation includes all the list below:

  • Compensation in the form of training, rewards, and professional experience
  • Monetary compensation: Project-based, for project completion
  • Monetary compensation: Time-based, per day or hour, week or month, or season.
  • Monetary compensation: A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user; or because you collaborated with the production of digital content.
  • Commission-based, bonus: based on the outcome of revenues, direct sales, referrals, marketing, or affiliate sales
  • After completion of training, for coaching/training, 108,00 EUR/session, 1260,00 EUR / project, or 3.600,00 EUR corporate project
  • If you are interested to collaborate as a co-founder, with an equity agreement, a career plan is also an alternative for eligible candidates.