Internship Science Tech Arts

INTERN - Assistant - Science Arts & Tech Lab


  • From biomimicry to human consciousness, from beauty to aesthetics, from human competencies to leadership and entrepreneurship, from mathematics to emotional intelligence
  • This Matrix-Q Innovation Lab explores the bridge between all forms of arts, technology, and innovation
  • Inspired by nature
  • We utilize a universal language of mathematics, geometry, frequency, and color
  • Advanced projects will utilize the Matrix-Q A.I. Engine & Motion Tracking Tools


As an assistant of the Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, you will collaborate with its development and contribute to its projects: organization, All round tasks: Research, innovation, organization, communication, production, services, training, and management.

To participate in the lab means to explore with creativity, design with an entrepreneurial and positive systemic impact mindset, data-driven validation, and develop a business opportunity.

The Lab assistants will contribute, collaborate with every step of the journey, with one or more innovation clusters (teams) and with the Lab in general (road map).

Assistants may also receive training, and become eligible to provide services to our customers

The innovation clusters and their team members collaborate online, indoors, and outdoors. Hybrid setting. Gamified Methodology.

The Lab is not limited to the SDG's (Sustainable development goals) but is addressing global, local and social pressing issues, with a 100 years vision of impact, and multigenerational entrepreneurship and innovation mindset.

We explore and solve the human variable of the sustainable development equation.


  • Management assistant
  • Coordination of recruiting program activities
  • Coordination and organization of Lab meetups
  • Participate in the lab activities, with creativity and entrepreneurial mindset, multidisciplinary design thinking
  • Reporting, archive update
  • Data Analysis
  • Newsletter, publications
  • Communication
  • Coordinate and organize live training indoors/outdoors in the city of Rhenen, and online


  • You do enjoy as a hobby or second profession any form of artistic activity including but not limited to performing arts, visual arts, or plastic arts
  • Open to interdisciplinary collaboration, and multidisciplinary design thinking
  • Scientific research background
  • Innovation/creativity skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Self-management, self-organization skills
  • Dutch Language
  • English Language
  • Ideal: Live close to the city of Rhenen


  • Candidates will receive training on our methodology for multidisciplinary research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Candidates will receive training on self-management and project management
  • Candidates will receive training in our methodology for multidisciplinary performing arts


  • Opportunity to qualify for the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab Cluster Team
  • Opportunity to qualify for a project management role
  • Add points to your profile, to later suggest innovation projects to the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, and apply as a startup with a project of your own


  • As a student, you would like to participate in the whole journey of a product: from idea to market and impact
  • Learn how to manage projects and have a close look at business, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the perspective of leadership, management, and road map of a company/ecosystem
  • This opportunity is complementary to any professional field of expertise
  • You are considering becoming an entrepreneur
  • You want to join a community of innovators and entrepreneurs
  • You can now combine your passion for both arts, science, technology, business and positive impact together


Vary according to the project and eligibility reached. You will receive training. Tasks will be assigned to you. According to the result, more complex tasks will be assigned. Compensations rules vary accordingly.

  • Compensation in the form of training, rewards, and professional experience
  • Project-based, for project completion
  • Time-based, per day or hour
  • A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user
  • Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with
  • License-based, you earn with the company together with a % fee of the license given to our customers