Investor - Entrepreneur Startup in the Netherlands


Investor & Entrepreneur to Startup a Company in the Netherlands

You are ready for adventure.

You are living in the Netherlands or would like to travel to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur.

Or you are living in another country and would like to invest in companies with headquarters in the Netherlands


A private investor, or a VC

A hands-on entrepreneur

A mentor

You are an investor-preneur


  • Your profile will be matched with one of the startup companies of our customers.
  • Your profile will be matched with one of the Matrix-Q Innovation-Driven startup companies
  • From MKBs to startups, spinoffs, nonprofit causes, impact investment projects, innovation, or intrapreneurship ventures.
  • It is a step-by-step step process in which you will slowly join the company crew, invest yourself and your capital(s) in it, and also, if eligible, claim ownership (equity)
  • You start online, becoming a member of our ecosystem, and you receive information and training on innovative holistic capitalism knowledge and tools we use to valuate (vetting process), quantify, and provide training to the entrepreneur members of our ecosystem


  • The ideal candidate will collaborate with the business development, from one or more perspectives (areas of the company that needs experience, knowledge, capacity to take action, skills, and leadership)
  • You support the overall operations of the company as well as develop and implement strategies that meet the needs of the customers, stakeholders, shareholders, and employees.
  • The investor entrepreneur will be responsible for making critical decisions, executing and developing the culture of the company, including CSR and the transition roadmap (to sustainable business models)
  • Scouting for opportunities and leading economic growth


Experienced entrepreneurs

For both aspiring and experienced investors

Aiming to create a positive impact in nature, societies, economies, and cultures

  • 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur will initiate activities and earnings within 81 days
  • Aspiring investor-entrepreneurs will be challenged to demonstrate or acquire entrepreneurship and impact investment knowledge, skills, tools, and experience


  • Investment capacity (Need to be demonstrated, in order to be eligible for the program)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent entrepreneurial experience
  • MBA or equivalent entrepreneurial experience in management
  • Strong leadership, decision-making, and communication skills
  • Values-driven, systemic-impact, purpose-driven entrepreneurial mindset
  • Values and service-driven leadership
  • Data-driven, Innovation-driven
  • Sales, communication, branding, and negotiation skills
  • Learning skills (long life learning mindset)
  • Leadership development facilitator (learning-teaching and mentoring skills)
  • Capacity to navigate change and transition
  • Adventure seeker
  • Multidisciplinary mindset
  • Multicultural mindset, global citizen, local hero mindset
  • Skillful at research, innovation, consulting, systems design, policy compliance
  • Traveler mindset (find satisfaction in taking challenges, starting up in a new location/country or in a new setting, environment, or uncharted territory)
  • Visionary and Executive
  • Capacity to take action, and own the opportunity
  • The capacity of solopreneurship (running a business "solo" as a "one-man-show")
  • Skillful at boot-strapping
  • Capacity to work with a multidisciplinary team
  • Wealth-generation, assets-creation vision and capacity


  • We will assign you to one of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Companies, to Companies of our Partners, to companies of the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, or to Companies of our Entrepreneurs-Club members
  • Along with the online recruiting program you will be invited to select your preferred type of company: a totally new (early-innovation) company, a re-startup (a company that will start up again after years of being paused), or develop a new location for an already established company, or a company that is now just starting in the market (2+ incubation)
  • The business projects may have from 3 months to 10+ years of experience already.
  • Candidates may indicate their preferences along the recruiting program


The Netherlands



The Netherlands




  • Hybrid
  • You start online
  • Later you will be required to combine remote work, work at the location, and travel in the Netherlands or EU from time to time
  • The HQ is the Netherlands, but you will choose the location in the Netherlands you want to work from (home office) or set a schedule to visit the location, travel to the Netherlands from time to time
  • Free Schedule
  • You may combine this project with a second business project (As a part-time entrepreneurial project) or engage 100% of your time in the business project


  • The business project targets diverse markets (*you may indicate your preferences along with the recruiting program)
  • in the Netherlands
  • online
  • in EU
  • International
  • All business projects are scalable ( diverse scaling models)


  • Business projects offer a diversity of products and services (*you may indicate your preferences along with the recruiting program, first and second interviews)
  • Tangibles
  • Non-Tangibles
  • Digitals
  • Real-Estate
  • Social-Business
  • Not-profit
  • Community (people-based)
  • B2B, B2C, B2Gov, B2City


Varies according to the project, the entrepreneurial commitment/duties you take, the "capitals" you decide to invest in, and the terms and conditions of the investment vs return agreement.

Candidates may choose one or combine more of the following compensation agreements.

  • Salary, monthly wages
  • Project-based, outcome bonus, compensation after completion
  • Time-based, compensation per day or hour
  • Royalty-based, after a project/product enters the market, you earn a % of the fees paid by users
  • Earn-play based, you receive challenges (games to play) according to the outcome you earn an income (rules apply)
  • License-based: You earn with the company together, a fee for the licenses given to our customers
  • Debt-based: Loan repayments
  • Equity: shares
  • Passive Income Assets: Digital, tangible, and nontangible assets
  • Assets generation: Shared wealth system
  • Subscription-based: A crowdfunding system in which your contribution generates a return in the form of assets, capital, or other values
  • During the recruiting process, you are welcome to inform us about your expectations and preferences.
  • Capacity building: knowledge, skills, tools, methods, experience, opportunities



  • We will schedule a webinar to inform you about the holistic investment and entrepreneurial system utilized in our ecosystem
  • We will match your profile (Investment Capacity, Investor, Entrepreneur, Expert, Time), set of skills, experience, knowledge, and capacity, with the needs of one of our companies or business projects or innovations
  • You will receive training. We provide you with skills, knowledge, tools, and methodology (to build a balanced holistic entrepreneurial capacity, and utilize the Matrix-Q 9 Capitals Model)
  • You will receive capacity-building, coaching, and mentorship program.
  • You will attend sparring sessions to support your decision making process
  • The assessment process will take place online
  • You may receive a challenge or be assigned to complete a task or course online.
  • If eligible, you may join our investors and entrepreneurs circle, and collaborate with the vetting process of business projects and entrepreneurs
  • A trial season in the first assigned company or business project is compulsory
  • You will start online


Matrix-Q Human Capital

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital:entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club

Matrix-Q Fund & Investors Circle

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs


Please schedule an introductory presentation, online, in which we will answer all your questions and describe details of both the challenges, projects, recruiting process, and compensation agreement

Along this webinar, you will learn more about our ecosystem and the opportunity

Use the URL below and answer the questions indicated

Send your CV, indicating your investment capacity and experience, to

After the webinar, we will give you more instructions

Start the conversation via whatsapp at 0031626673380 to fill out the application form