Leader for a company in transition


Leaders for organizations, entrepreneurial projects in transition

Your role is to lead the company into economic growth, with sustainable business practices and innovation
Your responsibility is to enable a positive impact, on both nature, society, and the economy, with the activity of the company, in both local, online and global scenarios


  • Your profile will be matched with one of the companies in our ecosystem or of our customers
  • From MKBs to startups, spinoffs, nonprofit causes, impact investment projects, or intrapreneurship ventures.
  • It is a step-by-step step process in which you will slowly take over the management of the company, and claim ownership (equity)
  • You may as well stay at a c-level responsibility
  • You start online, if necessary travel to a business location, or move in with an ex-pat agreement

Asia, Afrika, SouthAmerika, Europe, The Netherlands


  • The ideal candidate will manage the overall operations of the company as well as develop and implement strategies that meet the needs of the customers, stakeholders, shareholders, and employees.
  • The leader will be responsible for making key decisions and executing the culture of the company, including CSR, and the transition roadmap\
  • Scouting for opportunities and leading economic growth


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • MBA or equivalent experience in management
  • 5+ years experience in leadership and strategic management positions
  • Strong leadership, decision-making, and communication skills
  • Values, impact, and purpose-driven leadership
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Sales, communication, branding, and negotiation skills
  • Leadership development (learning-teaching and mentoring skills)


  • We will assign you to one of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Companies, and or companies of our Partners and Entrepreneurs-Club members


Varies according to the project.

Candidates may choose one or combine more of the following compensation agreements.

  • Salary, monthly wages
  • Project-based, outcome bonus, compensation after completion
  • Time-based, compensation per day or hour
  • Royalty-based, after a project/product enters the market, you earn a % of the fees paid by users
  • Earn-play based, you receive challenges (games to play) according to the outcome you earn an income (rules apply)
  • License based: You earn with the company together, a fee of the licenses given to our customers
  • Equity: shares
    Along the recruiting process, you are welcome to inform us about your expectations and preferences.



  • We will match your profile, set of skills, experience, knowledge, and capacity, with the needs of one of our companies
  • We will keep your profile for future opportunities under the same program
  • You will receive capacity-building and mentorship
  • The assessment process will take place online, you may receive a challenge or be assigned to complete a task or course online.A trial season in the assigned company is compulsory