Purpose-Driven Investor-Entrepreneur to Startup a Marketing Company with a License/Franchise System

Data-driven Marketing & Direct Sales 

  • License/Franchise System
  • Slow Boot-strapping or Accelerated Growth with Ambassadors Program
  • Develop a start-up, in a new location
  • Or contribute to our division online as an investor-entrepreneur or intrapreneur


Purpose-Driven Investor-Entrepreneur to Startup a Data-Driven Marketing Company with a License/Franchise System

Our company is expanding with a license/franchise system

We utilize both boot-strapping step-by-step growth model and accelerated growth with ambassadors


You are an investor-entrepreneur

You feel comfortable with entrepreneurial ventures

You are able to invest time, knowledge, experience, resources, and capital


You are invited to contribute to the sustainable growth of a new Data-Driven Marketing Company with a License/Franchise System that provides: knowledge, methodology, skills, and technology for marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and management


This is not a call for standard employment with salary or wages


To participate in a license/franchise system model, contributing to the start-up a data-driven company, at your own location, online, or with us together in the Netherlands

Slow and long term is good.


We utilize a hybrid circular wealth generation and sharing system

It provides 9 income streams, that all our members are welcome to profit from

A. Monetary compensation:

  • For your time and skills (Units of services), provided by consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators (holders of our licenses)
  • For reaching targets (Commission system includes affiliates, royalties, sales commissions, accumulative target bonus calculated every 81, 243, and 729 days)
  • For your creativity (A royalty system, in the creation of digital, tangible, and non-tangible assets)
  • For your entrepreneurship (creation of a business line, spin-off, or location development) with a target bonus, equity (class shares)
  • For your knowledge and experience: on-call, part-time project-based compensation.

B. NO Monetary Compensation

  • Capacity building, certificates, licenses
  • Work-life family balance program
  • Personal growth program
  • Leadership Program
  • Leisure, arts, culture & travel program


You have enough experience in marketing and sales, and you learn every day something new

You have an academic degree and/or combined with a validated experience and outcome in the field

You have the intention to enter the path of entrepreneurship and investment

Or do you have already experience in the development of startups

You feel comfortable learning and utilizing the knowledge and limits provided by a license/franchise system

You would like to increase the time you dedicated to the project step-by-step, from 20%, to 40% to 80% per week

You may have as well another job, your own company, and are able to participate in this opportunity as a part-time project

You feel comfortable by engaging in marketing and sales tasks, including direct marketing, direct sales, communication and branding


Remote working (Online)

Free schedule

Training included (certificates)

Challenges (personal, professional development, leadership) included

A step-by-step process to increase the income (read above hybrid system)

Multicultural, Multinational

English is our business language (we also operate in Spanish, German, Japanese, & Dutch)

Entrepreneurial mindset

Outcome-based compensation (There is no limit to how much you can earn)

The minimum time to invest, necessary to join us, to start is at least 1 full day per week, or 9 hours distributed along the week

Work-life balance, leisure, arts, culture, and travel programs included

Promotion program (From intrapreneur to entrepreneur: we support you with capital and resources)


Please send us an email with your CV and motivation letter to welcome@matrix-q.capital

At the same time write us a chat message at our business-Whatsapp number 0031.626673380 to schedule a first audio interview of 10 min


We are an online company with headquarters in the Netherlands

Our outdoor training location is the city of Rhenen, the Netherlands


We host independent divisions, A.) multidisciplinary research and innovation B.) Akademia for investors entrepreneurs C.) Human Capital D.) Incubator accelerator for entrepreneurial projects E) Causes



The Matrix-Q Investor-Entrepreneurs Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs. We combine leisure, learning, and business. We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet to a more advanced global/local civilization/culture and create a positive impulse for human evolution, and for the following 9+ generations, by addressing global, local and social pressing issues with the practice of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and investment

Matrix-Q Club members engage in the practice of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Investment through the application of Matrix-Q Knowledge



Multidisciplinary, data-driven, holistic, quantum knowledge

Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it.

Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcome with it. An outcome that translates into the generation of holistic wealth and assets in 9 fields or streams of value



The Matrix-Q Challenge is a competition for leaders, investors and entrepreneurs

The goal is to create an accelerated learning experience, a compound effect that will enable growth and a positive impulse.

Prizes empower investors, leaders and entrepreneurs:including both resources, funding, capitals, cash, knowledge, tools, skills, technology, memberships, and opportunities for both economic growth and impact.