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Your communication skills are aligned with your purpose

Sexuality education, according to the United Nations, is the best pathway to accelerate the transition to a more diverse inclusive, and equal society

Our company provides products and services for sexuality education, gender diversity and inclusion, and conscious sexuality (consent).

We are enablers of quality of life, balanced health, and fulfillment that a satisfactory sexual lifestyle can provide.

Your job is to create a bridge (communication) for organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs, schools, communities, families, coach-trainers, performing-artists, and companies.


Marketing & Sales Experience

You are familiar with gender diversity (inclusion), conscious sexuality (consent), and sexuality education (or you would like to be trained)


You can choose the products and target group you prefer

B2B, B2C programs

The following keywords below to our business lines

Interpersonal romantic relationships, conscious sexuality, leisure, lifestyle, sexuality education, parenting, children education, regeneration (anti-aging), mental health, quality of life, work-life balance, hormone cycles, change & transition, gender identity, diversity, equality, inclusion, non-polarity, non-binary, polynomial, resilience, connection, community building, teamwork, business development, performing arts, collective consciousness, holistic learning, wealth-ability, holistic-entrepreneurship, personal-growth, and spiritual self-realization.

We provide services and products in the following 9 areas

  • (9) Individual self or personal growth (purpose-driven)
  • (8) Being of service (as a facilitator, coach-trainer, consultant, or creator)
  • (7) Leisure, play: cultivating, & nurturing a positive mindset, sensuality & sexuality with positive emotions
  • (6) Regeneration (anti-aging), Mental Health, Quality of Life, Work-Life Balance
  • (5) Navigating shifts, change & transition (Matrix-Q Mandala, relationships changes, gender identity and sexual preferences: non-binary, non-polarity, polynomial relationships and solo-gamy )
  • (4) Gender & Sexuality for Family, Resilience & Collaboration, TeamWork, and Community Building
  • (3) Gender & Sexuality in Business (Holistic Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Inclusion, Co-creativity)
  • (2) Interpersonal Relationships & Bonding (Romantic, family, parenting, leisure, singles matching)
  • (1) Gender & Sexuality Holistic Knowledge (Ancient Cultures & Civilizations, Modern Science)


Remote Work (Online Company)

Free Schedule

Multicultural (You may live in any country in the world, any location)

Languages now available: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese (More languages will be added later)

Business Language (Compulsory): English

Compulsory Training Program Online (In Holistic entrepreneurship, marketing, communication and sales, sexuality education, gender diversity and inclusion, conscious sexuality and consent)

For those living in the European Union can attend live training at our HQ in the Netherlands


We provide a hybrid Holistic Circular Compensation System

You can choose to combine one or more of the alternatives below

It includes monetary compensation for:

>Time (Working units)

>Commissions & Target Bonus (5%, 36%, 45% 63%)

>Creativity (Royalties)

>Entrepreneurship (Equity: spin-offs, Business Venture Investments Return)

It includes also compensation in the form of:

> Training, coaching, mentorship

> Gamified entrepreneurial challenges

> Discount coupons for our products

> Leisure activities, Work-Life Balance

We expect you to earn with a part-time commitment over a threshold of 2.500 EUR/month


Please contact us via WhatsApp 0031626673380

Send your CV and introductory letter to

We will schedule a first audio interview (10 min)


Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs' Club

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Matrix-Q Human Capital

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital: entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects

Matrix-Q SexEd

SexEd is a conscious sexuality education community. We explore new knowledge and paths to cultivate and nurture a healthy, happy, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships.

We host a gender diverse and inclusive community of sexuality educators, coach-trainers, entrepreneurs, and advocates