Matrix-Q Specialist [Cofounder, Ambassador, Project Developer, Account Manager]


Join us to strengthen our multinational team of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Qualify to join the Matrix-Q Specialist Program ( 32.400 EUR in value )

Matrix-Q Specialist

Co-founder, Account Manager, Ambassador, Project Developer

  • Purpose-Quest, Leadership Development
  • Data-Driven Marketing, Communication & Branding
  • Regenerative Strategic & Design Thinking
  • The 9 Principles of Holistic-Wealth-Ability
  • Holistic Data-Driven Management
  • Holistic-Quantum Entrepreneurship Tools & Tech
  • Gamification: learn-play, earn-play, create-play
  • Leadership & Personal Growth
  • Holistic Data-Driven Consultancy, Coaching, Training
  • Work-Life Balance, Community-Driven
  • Long-term Vision, Multigenerational Family-Driven
  • Positive Impulse for the next 9+ Generations
  • Predictive Data-driven Tools, Strategic Algorithms

Matrix-Q Specialist [ Co-founder, Ambassador, Project Developer, Account Manager ]


Complete an eligibility challenge, and qualify for the Matrix-Q Specialist Program
As a Matrix-Q Specialist, you may choose from 18 roles, and collaboration models, to join strengthening our teams in any of our 36 business lines.

The Matrix-Q Specialist program offers you a hybrid hands-on holistic gamified accelerated training program: Matrix-Q knowledge, skills, mindset and commitment for entrepreneurship, communication, negotiation and sales, strategic management, long-term and slow business development, and specific knowledge and skills associated with a field of innovation, or product line.

As a co-founder, you will be assigned to a new business project, and location, with a specific market group
As an Ambassador you scout time-sensitive opportunities for growth
As a project developer, you contribute in areas like consulting, coaching, training, communication, data analysis, and strategy
As an account manager, you care for our customers and leads, communication, branding, and marketing

Matrix-Q Specialist Program


Our promise to the Dutch Government is to bring into the EU market multi-disciplinary innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and human specialists with advanced capacity to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge and Skills. Tasks that only Matrix-Q Specialist can do. For this reason, we created the Matrix-Q Akademia, to facilitate a complete training program for innovators, talents, leaders, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, influencers, and investors, to become Matrix-Q Specialists.

Our story:

In 1993 we did explore leadership, multidisciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship skills, emotional intelligence, and personal growth; with gamification and holistic learning. 80+ students from diverse faculties joined a weekly training program for 5 years. Since then our research on the human factor, gamification, learning, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary research and innovation, holistic data-driven technology, regenerative business models, wealth generation, and data-driven communication has evolved into one holistic systemic body of work with a mathematical foundation "the code of nature": The Matrix-Q Knowledge.

In the following years (1996-2022) we will invest in R&D, pilot projects, and tests in the market in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Chile, Peru, Japan, Austria & The Netherlands. Both not-for-profit positive causes, and for-profit projects with a systemic positive impulse for society, nature-regeneration, and economy.

With the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary knowledge we have developed innovative products, services, assets, and business projects in fields like education, health, technology, energy, family, sustainability, economy, business models, change management, human capital, futurist predictions, arts and culture, work-life balance, travel and leisure, self-sufficient communities, circularity, arts and culture, multidisciplinary innovation, marketing, human potential, new materials, real estate, in general, social science, natural science, engineering, technology, and others

The Matrix-Q Knowledge today is utilized to create new business opportunities with a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations

In 2016/18 We motivated the Dutch government to welcome us, with the commitment to create value for the Dutch Market and Economy, focusing on export and growth and developing partnerships and projects in the EU and overseas. With this promise, the Matrix-Q Research Institute was founded (dedicated to multidisciplinary innovation by applying the Matrix-Q Knowledge, and our first startups and consultancy services were deployed.

For 2020 along covid-19 we upgraded the ecosystem into an online working system (90% online) with gamification applied for learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, and income generation.

Since 2023 the Matrix-Q Ecosystem operates as a Club of Entrepreneurs and Investors that utilizes the Matrix-Q Knowledge: Innovations, Skills, and Technology, to create a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations with entrepreneurship and investment. We have become a "company school for the next generation of investors and entrepreneurs". Our goal is that all our members become one day cofounders of a Matrix-Q Company, investors, and innovators with Matrix-Q Knowledge. All our members (entrepreneurs) become Matrix-Q Specialists, with Matrix-Q Licenses, Training Certificates, and Label Certificates in their companies.

Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs' Club
The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.
We combine leisure, learning, and business.
We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

We host a multi-service platform provided on demand to our customers.
Customers are both members of our club and non-members
URL visit our ecosystem services
Most developed business lines since 1993: Matrix-Q Akademia for Entrepreneurs, Coaching-Training; Matrix-Q Research Institute, Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, Circular Regenerative Design, & Consultancy, Matrix-Q Technology, Matrix-Q Challenge Incubator & Accelerator for Start-ups, Matrix-Q Fund Non-Profit Causes & Legacy Projects, Matrix-Q Human Capital, Matrix-Q Studio, Matrix-Q Quantum Vision Futurist Prediction, Matrix-Q Travel, Leisure & Culture, Matrix-Q Holistic Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Work-Life Balance, Matrix-Q Licenses, Label & Franchise Programs, and others.



    * First, start a conversation via WhatsApp chat at +31626673380 to coordinate a first call (10 min)

    * Send your CV and introductory letter to


    Eligible candidates will be invited to complete an eligibility gamified challenge of 9, 27, or 81 days

    According to the points threshold reached, the candidates will be invited to choose from 18 entry points and 36 business lines (innovations, products, services), to take roles as co-founders, ambassadors, project developers, or account managers; 

    While completing a hands-on training program to become Matrix-Q Specialists, you will develop projects, care for leads and customers, and contribute to the economic growth and positive impulse created by our ecosystem


    The compensation system is hybrid and circular.

    As a Matrix-Q Specialist, you have no limit for the level of income you generate for yourself

    As a company school for investors and entrepreneurs, we utilize an earning system that empowers you to become financially independent 

    We offer two compensation modalities

    A) Monetary Compensation

    > for time (Project development, consultancy, coaching, training)

    > for the outcome (% commissions for sales, referrals, collective target bonus up to 45%)

    > for creativity (Royalties, for the assets, created, innovative ideas placed into action)

    > for challenges completion (you receive vouchers between 500 EUR and 2500 EUR to utilize in our Ecosystem for any product or service and Akademia)

    B) No Monetary Compensation

    > A hands-on gamified accelerated holistic and data-driven training program to become a Matrix-Q Specialist (The complete program has a value of 32.400 EUR)

    > Work-life balance activities

    > Skills, Mindset, Personal Growth, and Commitment Training (Work-Outs)

    > Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling

    > Think Tank, Conversations on trendy topics (lifelong learning)

    > Community of purpose-driven investors and entrepreneurs

    > Innovation Lab, to create your own Matrix-Q Innovations 

    > Fulfilling contributions to positive impulse causes, and nonprofit actions, to regenerate nature, advance our human civilization, create peace and well-being for society


    You choose your own path

    * Contribute to the development of a multinational online organization

    * Develop a project, location, chapter, or new business line

    * Innovate by creating a new product or service

    * Start-up as intrapreneur or entrepreneur


    * In times of unpredictable change and transition, knowledge, skill, and commitment are currency

    * You are joining a heart-driven human connection, a purpose-driven resilient community, selfless values-driven leaders collaborating with each other, and regenerative holistic wealth-generators committed to creating together a positive impulse for the following next 9+ generations

    RESOURCES (Read below for more details about Matrix-Q Knowledge)

    * Tools designed with the mathematic "code" of nature.

    * Gamified challenges to inspire you, empower you, and accelerate your entrepreneurial development & growth.

    * Data-driven methodology to measure, predict, enhance, and optimize your performance.

    * We utilize the 9 principles of regenerative holistic wealth.

    * We practice holistic-quantum entrepreneurship.


    * As a holistic-quantum entrepreneur (Matrix-Q Specialist)

    * You can choose the product line and target group you prefer

    * B2B, or B2C programs


    * By completing a Matrix-Q Specialist Program

    * We provide 18 entry points you can choose from

    * Including alternatives for students, interns, work-study, part-time, full-time co-founders, project-based on-call consultants, and special programs for professionals working 100% or part-time in other companies or business projects (self-paced, only a few hours per month), and opt-in programs for aspiring co-founders, consultants, coaches, trainers, designers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors

    • You may start with 9 hours/per week, or 40 hours per week, you choose how to create balance for your time investment based on the return, and income you prefer.


    * As a Matrix-Q Specialist you receive continuous training and have access to time-sensitive business opportunities 

    * Complete lessons with hands-on projects, missions, tasks, and challenges 

    • The learning-by-doing program, 20 min/ lesson on Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills, Innovations, Method, Tools, Technology 

    * Acquire the skill, develop your commitment capacity, and unveil your own knowledge, by doing

    * Earn points, rewards, prizes, vouchers, cash, and priority attention tickets

    Some of the training modules you will complete:

    * Purpose-Quest, Leadership Development

    * Data-Driven Marketing, Communication & Branding

    * Regenerative Strategic & Design Thinking

    * The 9 Principles of Holistic-Wealth-Ability

    * Holistic Data-Driven Management

    * Holistic-Quantum Entrepreneurship Tools & Tech

    * Gamification: learn-play, earn-play, create-play

    * Leadership & Personal Growth

    * Holistic Data-Driven Consultancy, Coaching, and Training

    * Work-Life Balance, Community-Driven

    * Long-term Vision, Multigenerational Family-Driven

    * Positive Impulse for the next 9+ Generations


    * The Matrix-Q System has been gamified. 

    According to the points you have earned, you will receive access to more lessons, mentorship, content, priority attention tickets, and time-sensitive opportunities.

    * Before you access the first modules, you need to complete a challenge, to qualify and tailor-make your individual Matrix-Q Specialist program, challenges, projects, products and services.


    * Entrepreneurial mindset

    * Aspiration to evolve professionally

    * Aspiration to generate wealth

    * Purpose-driven (Or you would like to find your purpose)

    * Legacy-driven (You would like to create a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations)

    * Long-life learning capacity

    * Self-knowledge savvy

    * The capacity of commitment (Short term 81+ days, medium-term 243+ days, or long-term 729+ days, you chose)

    * Passion for work-life balance

    * Multigenerational collaboration mindset


    *You have invested in self-education, learning through professional experiences, or multiple fields of academic education, or received a legacy of holistic knowledge (family, community)

    * You may or may not have academic qualifications

    * For example You may have experience as an entrepreneur already, maybe in your family business, or because your job was required (intrapreneur, self-employed, solopreneur)

    * For example You may have completed an MBA certification

    * For example You may have been collaborating with a startup

    * For example You may have completed your academic education (in any field) Master's Degree, Ph.D., or B

    * For example You are still a student and have not completed your academic education yet (in any field)

    * We acknowledge non-academic competencies. Validated through the hands-on education we provide.


    * English is our business language

    * We also utilize Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Chinese (We will add more languages in the future)


    * Our HeadQuarters are in the Netherlands

    * We develop projects online (Worldwide), at our location (The Netherlands), and at the locations of our members (any location in the world, that qualify with minimum requirements)


    * We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion

    * We also respect natural limitations of inclusion, and the learning process everyone needs to becoming 

    * We offer special programs for Women, Young-Entrepreneurs (with parental authorization and support), PvD, Refugees, Immigrants, Binational Couples, Senior (Over 63 years old), Students, and any gender identity

    * In our ecosystem, we start as solopreneurs, so it is comfortable to commit to your preferences and lifestyle. Stay in your comfort zone.

    * We build up teams considering a matching algorithm

    * We practice zero discrimination (Race, color, gender identity, wealth, academic education, place of birth)

    We are a family-friendly company, if you are a parent, single parent, or aspiring parent


    * We are an online company

    * Most of our tasks are completed online (Training, collaboration, project development)

    * We also visit the locations, and venues, of our customers

    * We travel as entrepreneurs, exploring and developing new locations

    * We provide also services outdoors

    * Our outdoor training location is the City of Rhenen, in the Netherlands


    It is a time-sensitive opportunity

    We enable up to 36 candidates per location/nation the opportunity to start the Matrix-Q Belts Program (Leadership)

    We would like to give the TOP 9 the opportunity to join and lead the development and expand our ecosystem internationally

    The Matrix-Q Knowledge & Technology

    As a Matrix-Q Specialist, you can utilize the Matrix-Q Knowledge in combination with Matrix-Q Technology. We give great value to human competencies and human holistic and quantum thinking. Matrix-Q Specialists are trained to utilize Matrix-Q Holistic Data-driven tools and Matrix-Q A.I.

    How do you acquire Matrix-Q Knowledge?

    The Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it, that is how a Matrix-Q Rank is earned.

    Therefore Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcomes with it. An outcome that translates into the generation of holistic wealth and assets in 9 fields or streams of value, or 9 capitals of holistic capitalism

    In order to become a Matrix-Q Rank holder, candidates commit to continuous practice and development of skills, capacity to apply and create outcome with it, included but not limited to the following (Matrix-Q hands-on practices subject of data-driven assessment of capacity): Matrix-Q brain GYM, enhancement of brain performance, technical use of emotions and perception, use of symbolic language, mathematics, geometry and tones, body-awareness, intuition, holistic and quantum entrepreneurial skills, personal growth stages of development, work-life-family balance skills, multidisciplinary innovation mindset, capacity to integrate nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, wisdom in the development of the companies; to nurture, and cultivate a positive entrepreneur-investor mindset, holistic wealth generation capacity ( Wealth ability skills), the ability to create assets utilizing the 9 capitals or principles of holistic capitalism, holistic data-driven analysis skills, capacity to utilize (skills) predictive tools, capacity to respond to time-sensitive opportunities (capacity to take action), and other pragmatic abilities

    To integrate a data-driven assessment of capacity, the acquisition of Matrix-Q Knowledge has been gamified, games, challenges, simulations, missions, assignments, projects, play sessions, pilots, explorations, labs, and experiments are used for the aspiring Matrix-Q Specialists to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge and create a positive regenerative systemic outcome with it. Based on the outcome created by the candidates, points, ranks, rings, cycles, belts, certificates, licenses, labels, rewards, and prizes are assigned.

    Matrix-Q Knowledge includes all the intellectual property created by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Matrix-Q Innovators (License holders). It includes innovative: Tools, methodology, techniques, systems, models, algorithms, skills, data, technology, innovations, research, frameworks, products, and services.

    Matrix-Q Knowledge is a holistic body of work. It includes all derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge which are also the property of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and Matrix-Q Companies holders of a Matrix-Q Label (Standard). As a holistic multidisciplinary system is coherent, consistent, interdependent, systemic

    The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science, modern technology, and innovation)

    The founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Innovator, Researcher, and Explorer, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, continued research, since 1993, is the origin of the Matrix-Q Knowledge


    Please schedule with us a presentation (webinar) for complete details about the training program
    There are 9 levels of training
    Each module includes challenges, missions, assignments, and projects for entrepreneurs