Travelers' Jobs


Matrix-Q Travelers Club 


  • You are an experienced or aspiring traveler
  • You are loving long term in a wonderful travel destination, or you are planning to live abroad traveling for some time
  • You are living in the Netherlands or would like the Netherlands to become your headquarters as a traveler-entrepreneur.
  • You have plans to engage in research, project development, sustainability, adventure, leisure or business abroad traveling 

If any of the above-listed cases matches you, you are welcome to apply


Below we will list some of the travel jobs we have available for you.

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We can offer you a travel job for a part time duty (And collaborate with your project)

If you are looking for a travel project, we will match your profile, interests with the available travel projects


  • It is a step-by-step step process in which you will slowly develop the business project while living abroad or abroad traveling. The project is of holistic, multidisciplinary nature and aims to create a positive impact.
  • You start online, to slowly develop the travel project at the location you prefer
  • You will receive complete training, as necessary according to the travel project's needs, including coaching and mentorship. 
  • The training includes certificates and commercial licenses to use our platform, tools, and knowledge: to develop digital assets, and content, provide coaching, training, consultancy, change management, and execute the project as a leader and entrepreneur by utilizing the Matrix-Q Co-creativity Knowledge
  • You will receive complete training in Matrix-Q Entrepreneurship Leadership & Personal Growth (Including knowledge, tools, skills, holistic data, methodology, and technology) with certificates and commercial licenses

You can choose The Netherlands as your travel project head quarters

You can choose any wonderful travel location as a Base-Camp for your operations

You are also welcome to work online


  1. Travel Operator - Assistant Online (1+ hours daily) for travel projects and lifestyle travelers
  2. Travel Location / Base-Camp Officer: Coordination of Matrix-Q Club Services at Location 
  3. Expeditions Guide: Multidisciplinary Archeology expeditions tour conductor: Travel, leisure, culture, and archeology
  4. Travel Operator: Coordination and organization of travel services at the travel destinations of our members, or for travel projects
  5. Capacity Building, trainers-coaches: Survival, Exploration, Expedition, Xtreme Adventure, or Professional Travel
  6. Capacity Building, trainers-coaches: Travel-preneurship
  7. Travel Gatherings Organizers: Organize travelers' events at selected travel destinations
  8. Travel, Communication & Media: Storytelling, communication, social media, branding
  9. Research: Travel destinations, ancient cultures, and civilizations, natural landscapes, local culture reports, time-sensitive opportunities for business, futurist predictions of location activities/developments


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent entrepreneurial or travel experience
    • MBA or equivalent entrepreneurial or experience in management
    • Strong leadership, decision-making, and communication skills
    • Values, systemic-impact, purpose, and service-driven leadership
    • Entrepreneurial mindset
    • Data-driven, Innovation-driven
    • Sales, communication, marketing, branding, and negotiation skills
    • Learning skills (long life learning mindset)
    • Leadership development facilitator (learning-teaching and mentoring skills)
    • Capacity to navigate change and transition
    • Adventure seeker
    • Multidisciplinary mindset
    • Multicultural mindset, global citizen, local hero mindset
    • Skillful at research, innovation, consulting, systems design, policy compliance
    • Traveler mindset (find satisfaction in taking challenges, starting up in a new location/country)
    • Visionary and Executive
    • Capacity to take action, and own the opportunity
    • The capacity of solopreneurship (running a business "solo" as a "one-man-show")
    • Skillful at boot-strapping
    • Capacity to work with a multidisciplinary team
    • Wealth-generation, assets-creation vision and capacity
    • Familiarity with travel-related issues in both family, society, community development, culture, teams, business, policy, sustainability, and leadership


    • You may work on your own travel project
    • You may work for the Matrix-Q Travelers Club Project
    • We will assign you to one of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Companies, and Business Projects, or to Companies of our Partners, to companies of the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, or to Companies of our Entrepreneurs-Club members
    • Along with the online recruiting program you will be invited to select your preferred type of company: a totally new (early-innovation) company, a re-startup (a company that will start up again after years of being paused), or develop a new location for an already established company.
    • The business projects may have from 3 months to 10+ years of experience already. Candidates may indicate their preferences along the recruiting program


    • Hybrid
    • You start online
    • Later you will be required to combine remote work, work at the location, and travel in the Netherlands or EU or other travel destinations. Vary according to the project. You may also choose your preferred travel destination
    • The HQ is the Netherlands, but you will choose the location in the Netherlands or abroad you want to work from (home office)
    • Free Schedule
    • You may combine this project with a second business project (As a part-time entrepreneurial project) or engage 100% of your time in the business project


    • The business project targets diverse markets (*you may indicate your preferences)
      • in the Netherlands
      • online
      • in EU
      • International
    • All business projects are scalable ( diverse scaling models)


    • Business projects offer a diversity of products and services (*you may indicate your preferences)
      • Tangibles
      • Non-Tangibles
      • Digitals
      • Real-Estate
      • Social-Business
      • Not-profit
      • Community (people-based)
      • B2B, B2C, B2Gov, B2City


    Varies according to the project.

    Candidates may choose one or combine more of the following compensation agreements.

    • Salary, monthly wages
    • Project-based, outcome bonus, compensation after completion
    • Time-based, compensation per day or hour
    • Royalty-based, after a project/product enters the market, you earn a % of the fees paid by users
    • Earn-play based, you receive challenges (games to play) according to the outcome you earn an income (rules apply)
    • License-based: You earn with the company together, a fee for the licenses given to our customers
    • Equity: shares
    • During the recruiting process, you are welcome to inform us about your expectations and preferences.



    • We will match your profile, set of skills, experience, knowledge, and capacity, with the needs of one of our business projects or innovations
    • You will receive training. We provide you with skills, knowledge, tools, and methodology (to build a balanced holistic entrepreneurial capacity)
    • You will receive capacity-building, coaching, and mentorship
    • The assessment process will take place online, you may receive a challenge or be assigned to complete a task or course online.
    • A trial season in the assigned company or business project is compulsory
    • You will start online